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Coming Soon to a Balticon Near You - Jean Marie's Domain
Jean Marie Ward's Live Journal

Date: 2010-05-12 01:59
Subject: Coming Soon to a Balticon Near You
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Music:Most Terrifying Places in America
Tags:balticon, danielle ackley-mcphail, dragon's lure, john grant, kelly harmon, l. jagi lamplighter

Normally I wait until I’ve got my schedule in my hand to do a long Balticon promo post, but I think this merits a special post. damcphail —writer, editor and hostess of some of the wildest con parties around—will be launching not one, not two, but three anthologies at Balticon from 7-9 p.m., Sunday May 30, at the Hunt Valley Marriott outside Baltimore, Maryland.

On the surface dragons, fairies and vampires might not seem to have a lot in common, but as Dani says, fiction readers never grow tired of them. “Each of these anthologies takes one of those legends and gives the reader what they want…and so much more.”

Since one of my favorite short stories, “Lord Bai’s Discovery”, is included in Dragon’s Lure, I must heartily agree. :-)

As always with Dani’s parties, there will be scads of writers, great refreshments and marvelous prizes, including a hand-sculpted dragon box by acclaimed artist Linda Saboe. There will also be readings by the anthology contributors including Dani, Linda, Elaine Corvidae, kradical , realthog , Kelly Harmon, C.J. Henderson, Brian Koscienski, Jeffrey Lymon, arhyalon , Terri Osborne, Chris Pisano and me, Me, ME!

Well, to be honest, I won’t be reading three times. But I do plan to read “Lord Bai’s Discovery”. Hope to see you there. In the meantime, if you want to learn more, check out Dani’s launch page.


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