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Win a Wishstone to Celebrate "Vanyr's" Print Date & Poll Standing

This has been a heck of a day--in the best possible way.  

- The print edition of With Nine You Get Vanyr went on sale.
- Preditors & Editors posted the results of their
2006 SF/fantasy Poll--and VANYR made #2.  (Thank you!  Thank you! to everyone who voted.)
- My bookmarks arrived (and they're gorgeous!)
- My local Walden's asked when I'd like a signing.

qnotku would've been so proud.  To celebrate, I'm...

...opening's first contest of 2007 here on LJ before it's even posted on the site.  

The novel's tagline is "How much would you give to live your fantasy?  Think fast--your Wishstone is waiting."  For the contest we're asking something a little different: How much would you give for a Wishstone*?

For a limited time (until April 14, to be exact) you don’t have to give anything. To celebrate our print release, hundakleptisis and I are giving you the opportunity to win a Wishstone or a set of three Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume imps.  Or both.  

The grand prize of is a crystal egg suitable for storing wishes or containing demons, and three BPAL imps.  Two other lucky winners will receive three BPAL imp ears, sans egg.  The fragrances--guaranteed to evoke your inner goddess or the goddess of a woman near you--are keyed to the cyber-names of the Daughters of Reyah’s three top magic users:

* Bastet (for Thea, who changes into cats)
* Psyche (for Liz, the group’s mind mage)
* Kurukulla (a blend of lotus blooms and roses suitable for Anna’s cyber-identity of Circe)

Entering is simple.  All you have to do is send us the answer to the following question via our Contact Page:

In Chapter 15 of With Nine You Get Vanyr, readers discover the nine Earth women transmogrified by the Wishstone aren’t the only souvenirs Reyah brought back from our little blue planet.  She’s also Chosen a knight from among the players of an online computer game.  What is that knight’s name in Domain?

The winning entries will be drawn at random from emails with the correct answer received before midnight EST, April 14.  We’ll announce the winners on April 15 to give folks a reason to look forward to tax day for a change.

You don’t need to buy the book to win.  The answer can be found somewhere on the web site.  Plus, everyone who provides a snail mail address will receive two free bookmarks, one featuring Anne Cain’s luscious cover art and the other featuring one a warm and fuzzy cartoon from Hail Dubyus--one of the few. 

Yes, we will mail overseas.  Across the galaxy?  Well, I’ll need to talk to Madame Reyah about that…

* The management makes no supernatural claims for the Wishstone offered in this contest.  All we say is, sometimes, wishing makes it so.

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