jmward14 (jmward14) wrote,

Many thanks for the good thoughts and juju

As qnotku was kind enough to post, my mom has suffered a serious infarc (sp?) stroke. She's showing all the classic signs: weakness on one side, drooping face, loss of coordination and some confusion. On the plus side, her power of speech has not been diminished. She's articulating just fine, thank you very much, and talking a mile a minute, like always. Unfortunately, at 88, the docs don't even consider the good signs all that great.
No long-term prognosis yet, but I doubt if I'll be making Worldcon this year. Haven't canceled my hotel reservations or tickets yet, but I'm giving it some very serious thought. Will probably make the decision by this weekend. And yes, if I do decide to cancel, will be happy to transfer the room and the tickets--both my husband and I were signed up.
Only mention it, because my cancellation may be someone else's necessary opportunity. From where I'm sitting at the moment, the con, lovely as I know it will be, is small potatoes.
I just hope Mom doesn't suffer any loss she can't bear.
Hugs and thanks again,
Jean Marie

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