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Well, Fudge

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My main computer has crashed. Guess who’ll be heading to Best Buy tomorrow. I hadn’t planned on buying a new computer this year, but it’s been four years, and my luck with repairs to old computers has been less than stellar.
It’s not like I didn’t expect something like this to happen. Yesterday morning I woke from a dream of babies. To understand how bad this is, you have to know the dream signs my mom taught me:
- Insects, spiders and other bugs: little problems.
- Mice and rats: bigger irritations.
- Cats and dogs: significant problems you need to address quickly.
- Babies: bar the door and hide under the bed, because they’re coming to get you NAO.
At least I didn’t dream of brides = death.
The funny part about this is Mom was a psychiatric nurse and a Jungian. I don’t know if she ever realized what her dream shorthand said about where her head was at. On the other hand, as long as it worked reliably, she probably didn’t care.
Geez, I’m glad I didn’t wipe the SD disks with the Balticon video interviews. Still, I hope they can retrieve my data. There are several days worth of fiction I hadn’t shipped to my various emails. And before you say it: I tried those off-site back-ups. They were, to put it politely, problematic.

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