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Dear Victoria's Secret

Dear @victoriassecret, I have finally figured out why all the bras in my size look like boats, and why wearing them, no matter how meticulously your staff measures me, makes me so cranky. Your bras are sized for people 5'7" or taller. Doubled up as tight as they go--on a brand new #victoriassecret bra!--the straps are still too long, and the underwire hits an inch below my unsupported breasts, which thanks to the strap length remain unsupported, while my lower ribs are squeezed in a metal and elastic vise. Therefore, I am liberating myself by burning those bowls you call bras and finding a manufacturer who understands that women come in a range of heights as well as cup sizes. Sincerely, Jean Marie
Tags: bad-fitting bras, victoria's secret

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