July 16th, 2005


Desperately seeking info for hundakleptisis and qnotku

Does anyone know anyone who can help hundakleptisis and qnotku deal with the INS without hiring a (ruinously expensive) immigration lawyer?
Hundakleptisis (aka Stephen Smith) is British. He and qnotku (Teri) filed all the proper paperwork for legal residency when they got married five years ago. Unfortunately, INS cannot keep its Stephen Smiths straight. (At last count there were at least 11 in the system.)
SJ has been trying to get his green card for FIVE YEARS. But INS keeps losing the paperwork and blaming *them*. He has not been able to work in the interim, with the result that he and Teri can't hire an immigration lawyer to fix the problem. (Costs run around $10K--not a problem if you're sponsored by a church or business that routinely hires out of country, but devastating for individuals lacking a corporate or non-profit sponsor.)
Now the INS claims they have grounds to deport SJ based on failure to file documents for which Teri and SJ have proof of INS receipt. To add insult to injury, the case number on the order relates to a Stephen Smith who filed in Wisconsin--a state neither Teri nor SJ has ever visited.
So far, the office of our local Congressman (Jim Moran) hasn't been any help. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to who might serve as a better advocate within the government? Is there a British or immigration support agency they're overlooking? Anyone know a crusading journalist who might want to take up their cause? The situation's desperate. Thanks!
Jean Marie