October 15th, 2006


Cover Gush

Finally, it can be revealed--annecain's gorgeous cover for With Nine You Get Vanyr.  Teri and I were blown away the minute she started showing us the preliminary versions, and it's been so hard keeping quiet about it until Samhain officially released the image.  Of course, now I'm bouncing up and down on the computer chair at 2:30 a.m. EDT, and the cat's looking at me as if I'm deranged.  But it's all in a day's--er, night's work, right?
Now to figure out how to make it into an icon...
In other good news, our editor sent us her edits today, and Teri and I sent the edited copy back tonight.  :D  We expect to hear the sound of her fainting all the way from Minnesota.  Hey, the edits were straightforward; what's not to love?  Of course, now I'm worried the pages will run red from the final line edit.  Can't please a Virgo, can you?  LOL