December 17th, 2006


Suddenly Christmas

Could've knocked me over with a feather.  Suddenly, in the last nine days to the Big Red-n-Green, I'll be going to two (possibly three) holiday parties--not including an invite for self, spouse and the maternal unit for Christmas dinner--replacing our big picture window on Thursday and hosting houseguests on Friday.  Wa-hah?  I'd better put up the tree and write those cards.  Fast!
The season snuck up when I wasn't looking.  I didn't expect this explosion of spirit.  But it's nice.  
Now if I can only think of something appropriate--and appropriately long--for my Twelfth Night appearance on the Samhain Blog, which will be going live in a couple of days.  No self-promo allowed except on Tuesday and only if your book being released.  I find that rather amusing.  The instant you let me open my mouth or touch a keyboard it's promo.  But I understand the desire to avoid spamming unsuspecting readers.  
I'd say I trust the universe to provide, but the universe I live in has a sardonic sense of humor.  Let's say, I hope it supplies an entertainment, not involving broken bones or dental bills, I can wrap in a thousand words or less.
Speaking of Samhain, at least five of my fellow Samhellions received an early Christmas present this weekend, receiving word they finaled in this year's Eppie Awards for their Samhain books.  The categories and nominees are:

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Congratulations one and all!