May 9th, 2007


New Post at the Fantasy & Enchantment Blog

Yes, I know, I owe you all the infamous Strawberry Pic, not to mention my long-delayed con reports.  I meant to post them too.  But there was a slight change in the schedule at Samhain's Fantasy & Enchantment Blog.  I found myself up at bat today instead of next week, and to be quite honest, I went a little bats.  Well, it wasn't just bats.  There were wolves and bears and dragons, oh my!  My contribution is an overview of shapeshifters in popular culture from ancient times to the present day.  Nothing like keeping things simple--and of course this is nothing like keeping it simple.  LOL
Next time I promise to try to keep it under a thousand words.  And yes, there probably will be a next time.  Under the new schedule, I'm slated to blog the second and fourth Tuesday of every month.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Mwahahahaha!


The Infamous Strawberry Pic and More!

Three cons and two book signings in two weeks.  Yes, I’m crazy.  You had to ask?

Not only that, I'm crazy enough to post about all three.  With pics!  (At last, you say.)


Technically, RavenCon, Richmond VA’s very new science fiction/fantasy con, ran from April 20-22.  But unlike a lot of local sf/fantasy/horror organizations who sit around wringing their hands about where the next generation of fans are coming from, the organizers have mounted a real outreach program.  One that goes out into the local school system and…

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Now it’s on to the next challenges.  First there’s the final polish on my ghost cat article, then it’s the beta read of a friend’s first novel.  Part of me is thrilled.  It’s always exciting when someone takes their first writing plunge, but I never know what to say.  It’s all about the sensation of fraud I mentioned earlier.  How can I pretend to be an expert when I know so little? 


Fake it.  As usual.  LOL