May 21st, 2007


Diets Are Like That

The dh is hiding in the basement.  He's stowed the cream he uses in his coffee in the downstairs refrigerator.  He hopes Duzell the Wonder Cat won't suspect it's there.  He cringes at the prospect of the plaintive feline wail: "Meeeeeeeeeewlk!  Meeeeeeeeeewlk!"
Today Duzie saw the vet, and the vet plopped Duzie on the scale.  The last time we visited the vet, the vet said Duzie was getting too heavy.  The cat's gained a pound and a half since then.  
"Didn't you restrict his dry food like I told you?" the vet asked.
"Yeah.  There was one small problem, though."
The vet waited.
"My husband felt so bad about Duzie being on a diet he introduced the cat to cream."
The vet's stared at me as if I'd grown an extra head.  
"My husband's very softhearted," I added.
"No more cream."
Since Duzie grew accustomed to mooching a teaspoonful of cream every time the dh made himself a cup of coffee, the cat hustles himself into the upstairs kitchen every time he hears the dh pottering around.  Since the cat's very vocal, he always makes his wants known.  And he knows how to press the dh's guilt buttons--hence the hiding dh.
I'd probably be a lot more sympathetic to Wonder Cat if it hadn't taken us a half hour to insert him into his carrier this morning.  Duzie's faster than us.  He's obviously smarter than us.  Can't afford to have him get bigger than us too.  Can you say Palug's Cat?  
At least, Duzie's declawed.  ;-)

In other news, Gia Dawn is the latest blogger at the Fantasy and Enchantment Blog.  Her entry addresses the personal sources of enchantment.  
I'll probably stop most of my blog bulletins later this week when everyone's had the chance to read at least one blog from all of Fantasy and Enchantment's contributors.  I'll continue to post links to my efforts, though.  I'm evil that way.  *eg*