June 3rd, 2007


To quote Errol Flynn as Captain Blood

"Bedad, it's epic."
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is everything you've heard.  It's big.  It sprawls.  It's complicated.  You really do need to have read the first two volumes--er, seen the first two films to understand what's happening and why.  It's probably 45 minutes too long.
And I wouldn't cut a minute of it.  
There's character development.  (Big character arcs!)  Romance.  Action.  Honor.  Treachery.  Social commentary.  (Lots of social commentary, and in the fine tradition of the old Zorro TV series, in direct contradiction to what you'd expect from WorldMouse.)  Plus a really nice Easter egg after the credits.  And they managed all three films without inflicting a single Ewok on us...unless you count the anti-Ewok in Gibbs' last scene.  Heh heh. 
Almost can't wait for the boxed set of DVDs.  I really do want to see all the films in quick succession so I don't have to dredge important details from memory's vaults--or Davey Jones' Locker.  Which was sweetly done, btw.
Can't wait to see all the costumes again at DragonCon either.  I'm sure we'll have a whole crew of fine Jack Sparrows, Will Turners, Elizabeth Swanns, Barbossas and much, much more.
Cheers and fannish smiles,
Jean Marie