June 26th, 2008


Turtles And Tigers And Beavers, Oh My!

I can't seem to create a book video or trailer, but I have, entirely by accident, created my first YouTube movie. Okay, so it's a slideshow. But remember, technologically, I'm still in the 20th century.
The thing is, it wasn't even supposed to be a slideshow. This post was supposed to be a short, giddy ramble about our strange and wonderful new animal neighbors accompanied by two or three of my (less than stellar) photos.
Yesterday, around 7 p.m., I'd been dawdling on the bridge in the little park at the foot of our street, when I happened to spot a beaver chewing on a straw. I immediately called the dh, who arrived too late to catch the beaver. But he spotted an enormous snapping turtle. Two beavers could've ridden its shell without being crowded or trailing any appendages in the water. Naturally, we didn't have any cameras with us, so I thought I'd try getting a few shots this evening. Boy, did I. Not only did the beaver show up, two prehistoric-sized turtles decided to throw a party. The ducks were not amused.

As if that wasn't enough, a friend sent me some pictures taken at Thailand's amazing Tiger Temple, where the monks hand-raised seven abandoned tiger cubs--and bred ten more. Now the monks support the temple and an ever-growing number of animals through donations from visitors who want to have their pictures taken with the tigers. I so want to go there!