July 17th, 2008


For hutch0 (and anyone else who's interested)

...The cave was decorated. And if that wasn’t weird enough all by itself, it looked like the designer followed every rule set down in the collected works of the Margravine von Stewhard, including the ones that contradicted each other. Painfully symmetrical fans of exactly seven glowing feathers were arranged in as close to a checkerboard pattern as the pits in the walls allowed. Winking gems organized by color and sized turned a stone niche into homemade abstract art. Directly below it, a line of crevices boasted rolls of gold, silver and copper coins stacked as neat as bank rolls. The place didn’t even stink like it should--unless your definition of a monster was a little old lady who lived alone with a parrot and never opened her windows.

Where were the mounds of treasure? Where were the crunchy bones and late-night body part snacks?

Sorry to have been out of the LJ loop for so long.  A trip to Florida and a little bout of surgery will do that to a girl.  
Fortunately, the surgery went well, and I think I got some good photos of our stay in Tampa.  Fingers crossed I'll get to download and tweak them soon.  We visited Haslans, the bookstore supposedly haunted by Jack Kerouac.  I didn't see him, but that doesn't mean anything.  After all, as Teri said, I'm too stubborn to see most human ghosts.
Besides, I don't know what he looks like.  ;-)
Cheers and grins,
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