August 4th, 2008


SciFi Saturday, etc.

SciFi Saturday, August 2, at the York Emporium in York, PA, delivered everything it advertised and a lot more.
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The whole weekend qualified as “a lot more”, which is ironic considering I thought I cleared my calendar for SciFi Saturday. But three days before I left for Pennsylvania, Greg and I learned some of our favorite relatives would be visiting from Florida, and pds_litand realthogwould be in the area on business. To top it off, on Friday, Greg learned his best friend’s daughter was moving in down the street…as it was happening. 
I never got to see the relatives. :-(  But I was able to join real pds_lit and realthog for brunch earlier today. :-)  And the great thing about new neighbors is they obviously plan to stick around for a while. The question is would an offering of homemade baked goods inspire them to stay or flee? Remember, I am the daughter of the worst American cook of the 20th century.
Thank heavens for bakeries!
Finally, teh cute. The Duz takes his duties as a writer’s cat seriously. Here’s the basis for my latest LJ icon. As you can see, he’s filled out considerably from his December 2006 portrait.  Greg thinks he's growing up to be a fine panda.  Of course, Greg is the one who sneaks him the cream.  I, on the other hand, reserve it for special occasions, like mouse presentations.
Duzie has us so well-trained.
Cheers and smiles,
Jean Marie