August 28th, 2008


And We're Off...

Dragon*Con started a little early for me.  Met martianmooncrab, who is totally fabulous and has the best earrings EVAH (beaded portraits of Marvin Martian, created by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough).  Oh yeah, met Anne Mccaffrey too.  :D  Now the spouse person is going nuts trying to find his copies of the 1967 Analog issues with her first Pern stories.  He wants to overnight them to Atlanta so I can get them signed.  And people call me a fan girl.  Cheers and grins, Jean Marie

Best Quote of the Con So Far

There'll be no spawning on my watch!

I've started taking pictures.  Right now, the hotel is like an orchestra tuning for the big show.  Any minute now, I expect to hear Carl Stallings telling them to "Let it rip!"
Unfortuntely, I forgot to bring my camera's USB cable.  Unless I can find someone to work with my memory card, you'll have to wait until I get back to VA for the photos.  After today, I probably won't post very much either.  Too much fun to do!
Cheers and smiles,
Jean Marie