November 5th, 2008


Yes, We Can

You know this isn't a political blog.  My beliefs are evident in my words, but I try not to belabor them or browbeat anyone else into sharing them.  But tonight I am so happy and so proud, I can't stop crying.  Tonight is the splendid culmination of a long struggle on so many fronts.  At the same time it is only the beginning of much greater challenges.  President-Elect Obama and Vice President-Elect Biden may never know such joy again.  The offices they undertake are a terrible burden as much as a glorious achievement.  Senator McCain showed himself to be better than his campaign in his gracious concession.  I honor them all. 
But what I feel right now goes much deeper.  Oh my America, you are again my new found land.  Tonight I salute you and pray from the depths of my jaded, cynical heart we will overcome the problems besetting us and once again lift our lamp beside the golden door.
To you.
To us.
To all.
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