November 30th, 2008


You Can't Get There From Here

Literally.  The airline Greg and I were planning to take to Bangkok this week has suspended all flights to the Thai capital until further notice. 
Whatever disappointment I might've felt is overwhelmed by concern.  If anybody could pull off a massive non-violent demonstration, it's the Thai.  They are among the most courteous on earth.  (S., the friend we planned to visit, roomed with me during my sophomore year in college.  The fact she didn't murder me then qualifies her for the Courtesy Olympics, if not sainthood.)  But neither of the parties involved appear to have a fall-back position, so they may not be able to back down.
I hope both factions can resolve this as gracefully as S. always managed me.   For what it's worth, I'm sending the wish out to the universe.  The world doesn't need any more grief.