December 19th, 2008


Trolling for Blurbs

But not for me!
In honor of the new administration, my dh Greg will be transforming his current web site, Hail Dubyus, into an archive.  His next project will be a new cartoon blog called Intravenous Caffeine.  The new site will continue to comment on the folly and mendacity of the powerful, but it will also offer cartoons that are just plain funny.
And what does this have to do with blurbs, you ask.  In conjunction with the new release, Greg will be sending out his very first press release--and every writer and artist reading this knows what that's like.  In a very real sense, you don't exist for media purposes unless someone else says you're wonderful.  So he asked me to solicit blurbs--and permission to use them--from my wonderful friends list.
Feel free to check out the galleries at Hail Dubyus and Intravenous Caffeine before you decide.  If you're interested, you can leave a comment and provide the citation you'd like him to use ("author of THE XYA CHRONICLES" or "award-winning artist of ZWOW", for example).  Thanks!
And best of the holidays to you, regardless.  :-)