September 12th, 2010


A little bit of Intervention

Michael "Mookie" Terracciano, creator of the fantasy
webcomic "Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire", mugs
for your pestilential reporter.

It may seem backwards to post my photos of Intervention Con, the brand new Washington DC-area webcomics convention, first but it's only fair. Although I was pencilled into the program for two days, the horrors of Con Crud (my first-ever unwelcome souvenir of Dragon*Con) will keep me from playing on today's panels. I only hope I didn't spread my plague to the other attendees.

There was a lot to like at Intervention 2010. The organizers were friendly and helpful, and the attendees were thrilled at the chance to promote an artform they love to DC and the world. Guest Relations Chair Gloria Chapa deserves special thanks for dealing with my unexpectedly diminished schedule. But everyone I dealt with, from PR maven Brian Lynch to hotel liaison Colette Fozard (of the fabulous cat ears) to the dread photographer/videographers Wes Mason and Isaiah Beard, were first-rate folks.

Another special shout-out needs to go to Chris "Kilika" Malone (New Jersey's premier surfer and creator of Blue and Blond) and fellow DC Area Storyteller Anthony Stevens for helping to make Greg's (aka the Spouse Person and IV Caffeine's chief squirrel wrangler) first ever con as vendor and guest a success. Thanks guys! My only regret is I was too spacey to get Chris's picture. My reportorial instincts were obviously out to lunch all day long.

Oh well, with any luck they'll do it again next year. I'll be better then. Promise!

Dance of cover glee for Hellebore & Rue

Remember my little ugly duckling of a story that no one loved because my heroine happened to be lesbian...and a sorceress...and totally unapologetic about any of it? Well, it's official, "Personal Demons" has turned into a swan, thanks to the kind offices of editors Catherine Lundoff and JoSelle Vanderhooft and the good folks at Drollerie Press. Look at the line-up "Personal Demons" will be sharing page space with. Heck, look at the cover. Even Greg, who's an artist in his own right, is in awe. Con crud? What con crud? Watch me dance! ;-)