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August 2018 - Jean Marie's Domain
Jean Marie Ward's Live Journal

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12:41 pm: Thieves steal Sweden’s crown jewels and escape in a speedboat
05:12 pm: 'Spectacular' ancient public library discovered in Germany
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03:40 pm: Cabinet of Aberrations: A Shadow Council Archives Novella
04:47 pm: Dog Pees While Doing A Handstand | Dog | AFV
05:03 pm: Writers Wednesday Spotlight: Natania Barron
05:09 pm: Story Tale Podcast
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12:00 pm: My tweets
12:00 pm: My tweets
06:40 pm: Jean's cover photo
01:45 pm: Long-lost Roman library reemerges in Germany after 2,000 years in darkness
01:59 pm: Two elderly men went missing. They were found at the world’s biggest heavy metal festival.
06:43 pm: And Mom thinks this is a big deal--why? Obviously Pumba is not impressed, but I am. My author…
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11:56 am: My cat litter company informs me today is International Cat Day. Ahem, isn't that every day? :D
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12:37 pm: Being a Victorian Librarian Was Oh-So-Dangerous | JSTOR Daily
01:08 pm: A D.C. library was closed for more than two days after several live snakes were found inside
01:45 pm: Writer Wednesday Spotlight: Jim McDonald
04:45 pm: D.C. to L.A. flight delayed by 1,400 pounds of what pilot called paperwork
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04:58 pm: Two men try to steal car from Bethesda mall, then realize they can’t drive a stick shift, police say
04:59 pm: Jean
07:14 pm: Shadows Over London: A Shadow Council Archives Novella
07:21 pm: Monsters, Magic, & Mayhem: Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 4
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12:49 pm: Las Vegas Boulevard Just Took a Step Back in Time
12:59 pm: IG Farben Haus
01:20 am: Unidentified Funny Objects 7
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01:02 pm: Rook at this mess: French park trains crows to pick up litter
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01:29 pm: Thirty micrometres a minute: scientists discover the speed of death
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12:00 pm: My tweets
12:53 pm: I just discovered that when you legally change your name in New Jersey, they send you a completely…
02:52 pm: Writers Wednesday Spotlight: Nicole Kurtz – The Charlotte Geeks
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11:40 am: Paisley Abbey's 'Alien' Gargoyle
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06:27 pm: It's in stores now! This was taken in the Potomac Yard/Alexandria Barnes & Noble. And just in case…
06:44 pm: Jean's cover photo
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01:27 pm: Portals, Temporal Deactivation, and Alternate Peace!
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03:20 pm: Handle with Care: A New Templar Knight Novella (Monster Hunter Mom Book 3)
03:37 pm: Portals, Temporal Deactivation, and Alternate Peace!
03:40 pm: Unidentified Funny Objects 7
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01:32 pm: Unidentified Funny Objects 7
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03:35 pm: Goin' to Dragon Con, 2018 Edition
07:10 pm: Jean Marie Ward » Goin’ to Dragon Con, 2018 Edition
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11:05 pm: Hello, Dragon Con! And it's only Wednesday...
11:09 pm: Dancing T-rees. No, you can't make this stuff up. 😁
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12:00 pm: My tweets
12:34 pm: @Amanda Dausman and @Katrina Maryland as Kang and Ruby Red.
12:52 pm: The costumes this year seem more amazing than usual Dragon Con
02:29 pm: First panel at Dragon Con: Social Media without being obnoxious. Boy, do they have the wrong…
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