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February 2019 - Jean Marie's Domain — LiveJournal
Jean Marie Ward's Live Journal

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01:59 pm: Triangolo Barberini
11:55 am: Robert McGinnis: A Life in Paperback Art - 93 Years & Thousands of Paintings from a "Pop Culture…
12:00 pm: My tweets
01:33 pm: Just in case you thought I was joking about Laura Reynolds's sentient bipedal gryphon in the Air…
07:43 pm: A tip from a ‘concerned citizen’ helps a reporter land the scoop of a lifetime about Northam
08:06 pm: Found: A 13th-Century Tale of Merlin and Arthur, Reused as Bookbinding
10:30 pm: By way of VentrelLaugh, the truest thing on today's Intarwebs. :D
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12:12 pm: Highlights from The Cleveland Museum of Art’s release of more than 30k images of public domain works
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12:10 pm: A Forgotten Botanist’s Stunning 19th-Century Manuscript Is Now Online
12:18 pm: The Amazing Work of Artist and Entomologist Maria Sibylla Merian
01:39 pm: Going Through the Change (Menopausal Superheroes Book 1)
01:45 pm: Graveyard Ride: A Shadow Council Archives Novella
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01:42 pm: Bunnyhenge
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08:36 pm: The Really Cutting it Fine, Almost too Late, Awards Nomination Post
08:40 pm: Jean Marie Ward
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01:56 pm: For all the Midnight Louie fans on this list--and I know you are legion--the wonderful Carole…
02:00 pm: The Tiny Island With Its Own Personal Cloud
08:21 pm: www.asimovs.com
08:38 pm: "The Wrong Refrigerator" Happy Dance
12:00 pm: My tweets
12:00 pm: My tweets
01:13 pm: Don't forget your Nebs! Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America members have less than 24…
03:02 pm: JUST WAIT
12:32 am: Spy report that criticised Marlowe for 'gay Christ' claim is revealed online
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10:07 pm: The Art of Book Covers (1820–1914)
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12:57 pm: SECOND ROUND, another sterling Zombies Need Brains anthology edited by Joshua B. Palmatier and…
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11:29 am: How a 14th-Century Nun Faked Her Own Death
11:34 am: 'Faces' of Locksmith Street
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12:17 pm: News - The Nebula Awards
12:29 pm: The Cadaver Synod: Putting a Dead Pope on Trial | JSTOR Daily
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12:58 pm: Masks & Malevolence: Beasts of Cairo (Frost & Filigree Book 2)
01:29 pm: Last night I watched a bunch of academics on Secrets of the Dead insist the Roman Emperor Nero…
08:08 pm: Old Town Books
09:21 pm: The Most Hilarious Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents
12:00 pm: My tweets
01:34 pm: These Physicists Finally Figured Out Why Microwaved Grapes Ignite
03:36 pm: Jeanne Adams, you'll appreciate this. Greg Uchrin just looked up the former owner of the farm that…
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12:19 am: Snake on a plane goes 9,300 miles from Australia to Scotland in woman's shoe
01:14 am: Orangie and the Brain
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12:29 pm: Self-Publishing Group Accused of Stacking Nebula Nominations - Publishers Lunch
03:42 pm: Happy New Year from Haven Harbor: A Haven Harbor Anthology
03:46 pm: Christmas on Outcast Station
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