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Under New Management

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This isn't the bunny you want.

Squirrel Terrace has been acquired by Basement Cat–or Ninja Cat, as he prefers to be called. Later on, he may add Pirate Cat to his list of titles. His collar boasts tiny skulls and crossbones, but we’re waiting a few days to attach the jewelry. Right now he needs no adornment.

He came to the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter in Alexandria (the physical model for the Madeleine Humphrey Shelter in “Fixed”, though the characters are all products of my demented imaginaton) named Pumba. Puma’s more like it, and we’ll see whether he wants to make the change. He’s about ten months old and fascinated by ZhuZhu Pets (thanks for the tip, Martianmooncrab), very vocal, very playful, very affectionate, and very, very black.

I understand why a prospective pet owner would gravitate to a certain breed and seek out a reputable breeder to obtain it. As long as you love and care for the animals who share your life, I don’t think it matters whether your pets are purebred, shelter animals or a gift from the universe.

But if breed isn’t important to you, I highly recommend seeking your next animal companion from a reputable shelter like Vola Lawson. All the animals are examined by veterinarians and veterinary health professionals. They’re tested for all the big diseases, vaccinated, and where appropriate, neutered. When an animal is surrendered to the shelter, they take a history, and they follow it up with an assessment of their own. The information my not be as complete as that of a breeder who’s known the animal since birth, but it comes close. Plus, you’ll know how the animal reacts under stress. In addition, if they’re clever (translation: sneaky) like the folks at Vola Lawson, they hold educational programs and invite people to gt to know the animals on hand.

Pumba’s response to shelter life was to call to people when they came into the “Cat Room”. He called to me on April 9. Now he’s claiming our house as his own.

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