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Mrs. Giggles Review

Got back to Balticon to discover With Nine You Get Vanyr had been Giggled.  I'm alternating between squees of delight and "Ouchouchouchouchouch!"  Mrs. G's darts are sharp!  LOL  But her aim is true.  She's also the first and only reviewer so far to catch the book's many Highlander homages.  Not to mention her stellar pull quote about Deryk. 
You can read the full text of the article here.  Seriously, I'm thrilled and very grateful Mrs. Giggles took the time to review Vanyr.  It's great exposure for the book.  If you've got any doubts about the value of a review by Mrs. G, I humbly submit my Amazon numbers.  Last week the book's ranking bounced between 400,000-600,000, dipping to a low of 700,000 over the holiday weekend.  May 28, the day after her review appeared, we shot up to 104,392--not bad at all for a small press book three months past release.
'Course, it could've been my stellar performance at Balticon. .. Nah, not a chance.  I was too busy having fun.  I've got the pictures to prove it, too.  I plan to post the better ones later this week.  Until then, I'm open to bribes--er, gratuities and considerations.

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