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The Horror!

Last night a bunch of friends, including hundakleptisistree220and mostlynormal1, gathered at my Mom's to celebrate my birthday by snarking--er, watching Highlander: the Source.  Ten years ago, Highlander: the Series, was the reason most of us connected with Internet fandom, con culture and each other.  The show, the con antics of its stars (suitably changed to protect the guilty--and the hapless writers from libel suits) and their fans provided a lot of inspiration for With Nine You Get Vanyr too.
None of us were expecting great moviemaking from TPTB, but Day-Um!  I can't remember ever seeing a worse movie--and considering my taste in movies, that's saying a lot.  It was so bad it's hard to single out the particular enormities.  There were so many--the opening explanations (complete with bullet points), the super-speed slow motion designed to turn immies into superheroes, the intact CGI space needle in the middle of a supposed war zone, the announcement of "The Quickening!" when nobody but diehard fans would've stuck around the eight minutes necessary to get into the lightning show, the world's biggest little island, the cars that refueled themselves overnight...  But all that pales to what happens five minutes before the final credits when you get a four-minute, voice-over rehash and explanation of everything that happened in the movie so far.  As if it wasn't bad enough the first time through!
But it was really, really funny to hear tree220shriek at the closing line.  The rest of us were more blase.  I'd tell you what we said, but I don't want to spoil...
Wait--how could anything spoil this movie, except watching it?
Happy snarking!
Hugs and snickers,
Jean Marie
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