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Chuck 2.0 & Forever Moonlight

Okay, I know that in any given year at least twenty percent of the so-called new TV series are retreads.  But geez, guys, give credit where credit is due.  The first Chuck script gave me a serious case of deja Jake 2.0.  And Moonlight...surely I'm not the only person who remembers the Rick Springfield Forever Knight.  At least Nick--er, I mean Mick St. John seems to like his condition a little.  But that could just be the result of a year's exposure to Blood Ties (Go, Henry!)  Here's hoping this means TPTB will give another year of Blood Ties the green light.  It's so nice to have a series true to the books' concept.
And Tanya Huff simply rocks.
Tags: blood ties, chuck, forever knight, jake 2.0, moonlight, tanya huff

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