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My tweets - Jean Marie's Domain
Jean Marie Ward's Live Journal

Date: 2013-12-22 12:01
Subject: My tweets
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  • Sat, 12:54: Carolan Ivey's "A Christmas Giggle" on today's Beyond the Veil really is that. It features the Scottish Falsetto... http://t.co/570xcSQHc3
  • Sat, 13:02: In keeping with the solstice theme, don't forget today's the day Janine Spendlove's THE HUNTER, the third book in... http://t.co/lXtwoPWVXj
  • Sat, 14:07: Spouse and cat have settled in for a long winter's nap...and it's 71 degrees outside! On Dec. 21! This is so strange.
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