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Some Seriously Good Stuff

 In case you missed it on tk0667's blog, the Library of Congress has joined forces with to provide greater public exposure for the library's photo holdings and use that exposure to gather more information about the photos.  IOW, they're using Flickr to create and update wikis on their collections.  That's incredibly cool in itself, but from a writing angle it provides a tremendous amount of primary research material, as well as lots of non-copyright images which can be used to illustrate and decorate web pages.  I can't wait to start clicking.  Mwahahaha!
Meanwhile, based on whitemunin's recommendation, I checked out Bettie Sharpe's Ember.  Pointed, sexy and driven, the novella was a complete treat.  I eagerly awaited Sharpe's Samhain release, "Like a Thief in the Night".  The story did not disappoint.  I read it in one sitting.  Transcending the often childish tropes of erotic SF romance, the characters pulled you into a fascinating world.  I hope she'll set more stories in her future.
I hope I get to read more of her stories, period.  And soon!
Jean Marie
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