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Cold Courage

Submitting agent queries while under the influence of decongestants probably ranks right up there with some of the dumber stunts I've pulled in my writing life.  But ah, heck, how often do you get Donald Maass asking for "A fantasy set in the world of tunnels and homeless colonies beneath Grand Central Station" when that happens to be exactly the fantasy landscape of the novel you just finished?
Of course, I doubt if anyone's expecting the novel in question to be about Orpheus and Eurydice.  I also can't quite believe my excerpt will be his or arcaedia's cup of tea, but hey, a girl can dream.
But the Donald Maass Literary Agency isn't the only listing on my dream dance card.  raleva31had a rumba dedicated all to her the minute I learned her list spans Mark Del Franco, Melissa Marr and Eileen Cook.  IOW, all three of my major food groups--urban, angsty and funny.  So I sent her a query tonight too.  No sense in letting the a good dose of over-the-counter courage go to waste, now is there?
Now to get my sniffly, sneezy, aching, however-the-rest-of-the-ad-goes carcass to bed so I can wake up energized for work on my very first sekrit projekt.  
Every day in every way, I'm getting better and better...
I wish!
Jean Marie

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