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Meet me in Charm City!

IMG_5926sYou weren't planning anything special this weekend, were you? Certainly nothing as special as seeing me in the great tented outdoors of the Baltimore Book Festival in the Inner Harbor, September 26-28.

There will be wonderful writers. Jeanne Adams! Danielle Ackley-McPhail! Catherine Asaro! Brenda Clough! Ron Garner! L. Jagi Lamplighter! Laura Lippman! Sujata Massey! Marissa Meyer! Diana Peterfreund! Don Sakers! Alex Shvartsman! Bud Sparhawk! And more (like me)! All available for autographs, panels, photographs and conversation.

The weather forecasters have promised a weekend of clear skies and balmy, high-seventies temperatures. For a change, they may be right. Yesterday's rain has dried, and the air is growing warmer.

There will be exhibitor tents and tables scattered the full length of the Inner Harbor. But most of my activities will be focused on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Tent situated along the south arm of the Inner Harbor horseshoe. So far, my schedule looks like this:

12-1 PM: Reading (Dark Quest Books)
4-5 PM: Athena's Daughters Autograph Session (Silence in the Library Publishing)

4-5 PM: How Can I Get My Writing Noticed--A Must Do Panel for Writers in the Modern Age (with Scott Edelman, Elektra Hammond, Don Sakers, Peggy Rae Sapienza, and Mike Underwood)
5:30-7 PM: Meet-and-Greet Reception with SFWA Authors

But's that just the merest fraction of the bookish pleasures in store for you at the Book Fest. So say nothing of the one-time, one-of-a-kind goodies to be found, such as the special Temporally Out Of Order Kickstarter postcard. This limited edition postcard (seriously, I only printed 50), seen here with a cat who has elevated the art of feline indifference, to the level of a super power will only be available at the Baltimore Book Festival.

I'll even sign it if you like. If you show proof of funding the Kickstarter, I promise not to sing. Seriously, you wouldn't like me when I sing. ;-)

Can't wait to see you there!

And if you need to make absolutely, positively sure I don't sing, you can always pledge to support the new Zombies Need Brains Temporally Out Of Order Kickstarter before you go. Just click here, and you're good. Or at least your eardrums are...
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