jmward14 (jmward14) wrote,

Because I'm Ebil...

Thought you might like to see firsthand what REALLY goes on behind the scenes at RavenCon.

Bag stuffing.  (With Fan Guest of Honor Filthy Pierre, in the white shirt) drafted to help.)

A lot of bag stuffing.

Hugo award-winning author Alexis Gilliland supervised.

I took photos.  Like this one of Davey Beauchamp (l) and Tony Ruggiero (r) having a father and son moment.

Just one problem.  They're not related, and Tony swears he's not old enough to be a father.  Ahem.

Why yes, I have been into the port.  Need you ask?  ;-)

Tags: alexis gilliland, davey beauchamp, filthy pierre, ravencon, tony ruggiero

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