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Samhain Publishing's Reader Appreciation Week

Samhain Publishing and its authors will celebrate Reader Appreciation Week July 10th through July 16th. Samhain authors -- including qnotku and yours truly -- will share excerpts from a variety of genres including romance, fantasy and suspense. Prizes and pimpage will be featured.

The main action will take place on Samhain’s Café loop <>, a public email group for the fans and writers of Samhain’s books. Monday through Friday, authors will pop in to the Samhain Café throughout the day to chat, share excerpts and blurbs from their books and post contests. Each day is dedicated to specific genres of fiction/romance.

Monday July 10th - Suspense/Mystery/Thriller

Tuesday July 11th - Fantasy/Sci-Fi-Futuristic (This is where you’ll find Teri and me.)

Wednesday July 12th - Paranormal

Thursday July 13th - Historical/Western

Friday July 14th - Contemporary/Chick Lit/Comedy

Saturday July 15th and Sunday July 16th, Two authors every hour will share blurbs, prizes and excerpts. The party starts at 9 a.m. EDT and goes until 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday so be prepared for non-stop action on these days.

You can sign up for the Cafe at <>. This event will take place on the Samhain Cafe, not the chat room, so be prepared for a high volume of emails. You can choose to go digest, no mail or special notices and read and participate directly from the board.

If that *still* smells too much like team spirit, never fear. Teri and I will be cross posting our excerpts on our respective LJ pages. This is also where you'll come to qualify for our prizes: two free downloads of WITH NINE YOU GET VANYR (redeemable upon release, November 7) and three Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps. Good stuff. See you there…here…wherever. ;-)

Like all of Samhain’s authors, we look forward to seeing everyone and celebrating the fabulousness of our readers!

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