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Best Wedding Wishes

To Nate & Ron, who celebrated their union today at Bull Run Unitarian Universalist Church.  For those of you who know them and mostlynormal1, here are a couple pics. 

Nate & Ron exchange rings.
Nate & Ron exchange rings while Nate's brother David (far left) and Misfits List Members Heather & mostlynormal1 look on.

Nate (left, in the kilt) and Ron exit the church while Heather's husband Andy tries to restrain their son Miller.

mostlynormal1, yours truly and Heather.

Ron & Nate cut the cake

Guys, today really is the first day of the rest of your lives.  May your life together be long, healthy and supremely happy!
Now to write the Beyond the Veil blog I should've posted first thing this morning.  Oops.
Cheers and cyber-champagne,
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