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At Long Last News

You can always tell when a lot is happening in my RL; my LJ gets werry, werry qwiet.  But I haven't been hunting wabbits--more like vampires. 
Yeah, vampires, the creatures I never planned to write about, because I couldn't think of anything new to say.  It's amazing what somebody waving money in my face will do.
Especially when it involves the Frankfurt Book Fair.

It all began in late August when realthog introduced me to an English editor seeking someone to write text for a how-to art book.  It was a fabulous opportunity.  The only hitch was the editor needed a two-part proposal in a real hurry.  The first part was due the week after DragonCon.  Ulp.  But I made my deadline, and the editor decided I didn't suck.
Which is really interesting considering the next project we discussed: a YA vampire story.  Needless to say, I found a lot of inspiration in a real hurry.  I submitted another proposal, and the next thing I knew I had not one, but two proposals set to be discussed with the publisher's overseas partners at the Frankfurt Book Fair.
This goes beyond exciting for me.  I attended the Buchmesse when my dad was assigned to Germany.  It was my first introduction into the mysteries of wholesale and retail.  And then there were the books.  And the displays.  And did I mention all the books?
The hitch here is The Powers That Be may approve one, for both or for neither.  But still, my projects at the Frankfurt Book Fair.  Wow!

Then there is the convention news.  I will be attending both Capclave in Washington, DC, October 17-19, and World Fantasy Con in Calgary, Canada, October 30 - November 2.  I don't yet know if they'll be able to squeeze me into the WFC program, but my Capclave panels and readings are:

Friday, 6 p.m.

Do U Rd on Scrn?

How is technology changing writing and reading? Do you write differently on a computer than with a pen or typewriter? Do you read differently on the Internet? How will e-texts, audible books, and the Kindle change the act of reading? How will writers write for readers accustomed to reading twitters and text messages? Traci Castleberry (m), Neil Clarke, Resa Nelson, Jean Marie Ward


Friday, 8 p.m.

SF Pictionary

Fun game show comes to Capclave. Can you communicate SF ideas through your drawings? Danny Birt (m), Steve Stiles, Jean Marie Ward


Saturday, Noon

Appeal of King Arthur

What makes so many writers from Twain to Mary Stewart to Lerner and Lowe produce their own takes on 'the matter of Britain'? Why do King Arthur books thrive while other legends like Robin Hood get far less attention? What are the best takes on the Arthurian legend? Christopher Cevasco (m), Tom Doyle, Jean Marie Ward, Mattie Brahen


Saturday, 1 p.m.


Am I the only one scared of the prospect of Pictionary?  I should be scared of the empty room I'm going to have for my reading, but I figure it'll be a good time to catch up on my sleep.  Writer/editor Danielle Ackley-McPhail will be staying at the house for the con, and if past experience is any indication, we could be talking all night.
There are worse fates.
Cheers and grins,
Jean Marie
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