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Brazen Friend Promotion

When we last left our intrepid Band of Broads, damcphail  (aka writer/editor Danielle Ackley-Mcphail) had just volunteered to bring lunch tomorrow so the BBs could eat like civilized human beings before heading off to Capclave, where they intend to do nothing of the sort.  (What's the point of a con if you can't consume too many carbs?  That's what chocolate and red wine were made for.)

Unfortunately, this left her with less than enough time to promote her brand shiny new book Tomorrow's Memories.  Since she's holding lunch hostage--I mean, since friends don't allow friends to go unpromoted, I felt compelled to step into the breach.  (Help!  Help!  I've fallen into a breach and I can't get out.)

Seriously, if Tomorrow's Memories is like her other books, it will rock.  The sequel to Yesterday's Dreams, Tomorrow's Memories pits humanity and the immortal Sidhe against a foe from the dawn of Ireland's past. 

And if that isn't enough, Danielle is running a Tomorrow's Memories contest with the most amazing prize--the gorgeous claymore donated by
Griffin's Claw Armory seen here in this very blog.  The claymore will be raffled at the free launch party Danielle is hosting at Philcon, November 21-23.  To get a raffle ticket, all you have to do is purchase the book through Mundania Press and bring the receipt and the copy of the book to the launch party. 

As I can attest from
Balticon, Danielle throws a good party.  You won't go away hungry--except for more books.
Hugs and cheers,
Jean Marie
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