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Another Review!

People are still reading With Nine You Get Vanyr and enjoying it!  Go us! 
gwynraven  was kind enough to review Vanyr in her blog yesterday.  I've enjoyed and appreciated all the reviews for Vanyr, including the not-so-great ones.  gwynraven's was wonderful, but better than that, gwynraven is a fan.  For Teri and me, Vanyr was one big love letter to fandom, and it's indescribably splendid to know the book gave at least one fan a really good time.
Aside from doing the happy dance about the review, I've been deep in the writing cave ever since Capclave.  I had a good time at the con, but bad person that I am, I haven't formatted my photos yet.  Another item for the pre-World Fantasy Con to do list, which is getting longer by the minute.  But what else is new?
Well, the fact I may actually get to moderate a panel at World Fantasy.  It looks like a really good one too.  I'll post the details as soon as the schedule is confirmed.
Last but certainly not least, the spouse person reengineered his web site to work better on Word Press.  You can see the new version of
Hail Dubyus
by clicking on the link.  Go Greg!
Cheers and smiles,
Jean Marie
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