jmward14 (jmward14) wrote,

Contest Reminder: With Nine You Get Vanyr

Thank you and thank you again to all the readers who've made Samhain Publishing's first Reader Appreciation Week such a big success.  Believe me, it's been tremendous fun for all the writers too.

This is just a little reminder that you've got until 3 p.m. EDT today, Sunday, July 16, to qualify to win one of two downloads of With Nine You Get Vanyr and two Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps (perfume testers for those not yet addicted to BPAL scents). You can answer the question for one excerpt or both, but your name or handle will only be entered once for each excerpt, and you can only win once.

1. How tall is Deryk?
(From Excerpt One <>)

2. Name one of the women’s criteria for wishing themselves to Domain. Any one will do.
(So it isn't exactly a question. You can find the answers in Excerpt Two

If you've already entered, don't worry, you're in the hat.  If you haven't but you'd like to, please, post your answer here or on my co-writer's LJ <>. We’ll draw the winners at 3 p.m. EDT and announce them before 5.


Thanks for reading!

(Unedited Excerpts from With Nine You Get Vanyr by Teri Smith & Jean Marie Ward, coming from Samhain Publishing in November 2006)



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