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One Last Calgary Souvenir

This has to qualify as one the strangest souvenirs of my 2008 trip to Calgary, Alberta.  I've just been notified that a photo I took of Calgary's Hyatt Regency Suites Hotel, site of the 2008 World Fantasy Con, has been selected for inclusion in the sixth edition of the Schmap Calgary Guide.  The credited photo comes in two flavors--web browser and iPhone.  Promotional lesson to remember: Always post the photos of your con trips on Flickr.
Also on the promo front, my first solo web site is progressing nicely.  Most of the text and pictures are in place.  There are loads of free reads.  I even managed to find active links to all my old Science Fiction Weekly interviews--no mean feat now that the publication is no longer linked to the main SciFi Channel page.  I'm still tweaking the site's appearance, and I haven't yet loaded any widgets, but I'm beginning to believe it might look okay when I'm done.
And if it doesn't, I can always fix it.
Jean Marie

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