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Cool Beans

Well, something has to be cool in this heat wave.
First, I mailed out the imps to the wonderful readers who won the With Nine You Get Vanyr part of the Samhain Readers Appreciation Contest.  Ladies, I'll write more off-list, but hopefully, you'll get your packages within the next two weeks.  (Yep, Mahaira, that's what our post office said.  Whether I believe the nice, optimistic clerk is another matter.)
Type your cut contents here. unless I heard him wrong, my local printer said he could print 10 bound galleys for me for a really NICE price.  Planning to double check Kinkos, Staples and Office Depot to see what they offer, but my heart is always with the local small business person.
Finally, and this has given me an attack of giggles that may last into next week, my late mother-in-law's "rhinestone" engagement ring -- a point of contention between the in-laws for all the time I knew them -- turns out to be a sweet little white sapphire set in 14 kt gold.  It's not a bonanza or anything.  No gotchas on dh's brother or sister-in-law.  The stone is small, so the ring still has more sentimental than monetary value. But since it's 14 kt, I can wear it and think good thoughts about them.  
The real TMI hoot: after his wife died, my late FiL had it dangling from a ball chain on his nail clipper.  And my dh left it there!  Oy!  Sometimes, dh is too Grissom for words.  *snicker*
You know, when I set out for the jeweler's last night, I would've been happy to find out the stone was zircon or Austrian crystal in a gold-filled band. And to make it even nicer -- sapphire is my birthstone.

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