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WordPress Woes

I have reached the point in the operation where my developing site,, has crashed.  Nose in the dirt, flames, debris strewn across three counties--you name it, it's there.  The problem: I followed the directions in the WordPress Codex to set a blog in the middle of the pages.  Not only were the instructions obscure beyond the dreams of bureaucratic obsfuscation, they made very little sense in the context of WordPress 2.7.1's control panel.  I should've taken that as a sign.  But noooooo.  I had to soldier on.  I've got a deadline.
Fortunately, the spouse person insisted I back-up before I started.  Unfortunately, reloading hasn't fixed anything.  *headdesk*headdesk*headdesk*
Oh well, I've opened a service ticket with Bravenet, my web host.  Hopefully, they can save my bacon again, or at least reload WordPress so I can start over.
This is so not how I planned to waste the evening.  *user shakes head*
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