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High Calgary?

My trip to Calgary last fall for the World Fantasy Con coincided with a photo shoot for a Lifetime Nora Roberts movie.  The question was, which one?  None of the titles listed on her web site took place in Baltimore (which is where a production assistant said the movie was set), much less Calgary. Turns out the movie was High Noon. The book takes place in Savannah, but hey, this is Hollywood--or at least its Canadian equivalent.

It's incredibly cool to see streets I walked, bars I drank in and places I visited on my TV. The scene before the 10:20 p.m. commercial break was set in the storefront shown in the picture (which was dressed as photo studio). But the biggest giggle so far has been the hero's bar. It's called Swifty's in the script, but behind the bar you can see the real name emblazoned on the mirror: James Joyce. Ah, the memories...  Right, crazywritergirl ?
Tags: calgary, high noon, nora roberts, world fantasy con

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