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Waiting for the Cable Guy

I love my cable modem. I really do. I don't know what I did before Greg insisted we get one nine years ago.
The lousy thing is this summer I'm learning. Our early summer storms and subsequent 100-degree days apparently fried something important in the cabling for our entire city. Digital cable television broadcasts are arriving too pixelated to watch, and Internet connectivity... Well, let's just say there's nothing polite I can say.
The worst of it is missing emails. Bad enough that Yahoo will sometimes hold a mail for a month for no apparent reason--like the Mystery Babe response to a question I asked July 15, for example. But a lot of Comcast mail isn't arriving at all.  Which is a real pi$$er when you nag someone unmercifully about promo materials for an upcoming con only to find out they wrote you two weeks ago saying they'd be hand carrying them.  I hate wasting a good nag!  LOL
Anyway, the cable guy is supposed to check us out AGAIN this afternoon.  If past experience is any indication, I'll get a snowstorm of waylaid emails as soon as he leaves.  If yours is one, please, be patient.
Or resend.  Thanks!



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