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Forget Necessity

Desperation is the mother of invention in this house. 
I was trying to line up the August blogs I owe to blog sites other than my own.  The goal was to get it all over with now, so I'd have more time to write next month.  They were all playing nicely except my August 22 Samhain blog.  Given the date, I'd be a fool not do something related to DragonCon, but what?  The program schedules are almost never finalized until the week before Labor Day, and I was pretty sure I've written everything there is to write about the con.
Should I do something about the balls?  The Masquerade?  The guests?  My costume changes?
Then it hit me: Sixteen Ways DragonCon Is Like a Regency Country House Party.
The weird thing is, it works.
'Til later...
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