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WooHoo! First Blurb

And it's a beaut.  This is what Carole Nelson Douglas had to say about With Nine You Get Vanyr:

Action! Magic! Love, war, and mirth! The reader's cup of epic fantasy fun overflows in With Nine You Get Vanyr, a rousing tale of nine female fans transported to a fave TV show's fantasy world to save it from destruction. Beware what you wish for, though, especially if it's power, a more exciting life, beauty...and the Beast in the multiple forms of demons and lovers. Or maybe just demon lovers. A rousing and suspenseful battle of magical powers ends with tantalizing hints at more of everything wonderful to come. Action! Magic! War and lust! Very, very bad hair days!

Makes me want to read the book again--and Teri and I have read and revised this puppy so many times it's not funny.  The blurb is doubly flattering, because Carole herself wrote some killer science fiction and fantasy before she turned to mystery and began chronicling the adventures of Irene Adler and Midnight Louie.  

Tags: carole nelson douglas, fantasy, with nine you get vanyr

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