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Halloween Party Meme

Gakked from Ellen_Kushner.  I think she'll like the results better than the party where she's dressed in pink.  LOL

<lj user="jmward14">'s Halloween party: <br><br><lj-raw>

<B>agentobscura</B> dressed as Elmer Fudd, though it looked more like the Lord of Blue Ridge.<br>
<B>alg</B> dressed as a fullback for the Broncos.<br>
<B>annecain</B> dressed as a rainbow fish.<br>
<B>arcaedia</B> dressed as a zombie.<br>
<B>bleuunikorn</B> dressed as Adriana Lima.<br>
<B>casacorona</B> dressed as a disturbing self-made character called "Cheeseball Barfmouth".<br>
<B>claireeddy</B> dressed as your father.<br>
<B>crimsonspin</B> dressed as Heidi Klum.<br>
<B>dragonsdisciple</B> dressed as the President of Bahrain, though it looked more like a new superhero: Snow -wave.<br>
<B>dustbunnygirl</B> dressed as a character from "Almost Famous".<br>
<B>ellen_kushner</B> dressed as Janet Reno.<br>
<B>ex_dustbunny219</B> dressed as Paris Hilton.<br>
<B>ferragus</B> dressed as a pimp.<br>
<B>hundakleptisis</B> dressed as the love child of Rush Limbaugh and Connie Chung.<br>
<B>hutch0</B> dressed as Karl Rove.<br>
<B>jenboo</B> dressed as a drunk goblin, though it looked more like the Cardinal of Osbusdale.<br>
<B>jennifer_dunne</B> dressed as a bottle of Estrcit.<br>
<B>kittysilhouette</B> dressed as a new member of the Wu-Tang Clan, Vulgar Ambassador.<br>
<B>klgrem</B> dressed as Kirsten Dunst.<br>
<B>lilithsaintcrow</B> dressed as the Duke of Morgraf.<br>
<B>magick_poet</B> dressed as a Level 11 fighter.<br>
<B>matociquala</B> dressed as Cameron Diaz riding a dog.<br>
<B>mostlynormal1</B> dressed as Chekov from "Star Trek".<br>
<B>nephele</B> dressed as the Governor of Indiana.<br>
<B>nocluvok</B> dressed as a Lyons-Gallaher UtilitiesInc. employee.<br>
<B>p_n_elrod</B> dressed as a 1970's disco child.<br>
<B>pbray</B> dressed as a hockey.<br>
<B>qnotku</B> dressed as a skeleton.<br>
<B>quietselkie</B> dressed as Woodrow Wilson.<br>
<B>rachelcaine</B> forgot to put on clothes!<br>
<B>scatteredlogic</B> dressed as Michael Jackson.<br>
<B>scott_lynch</B> dressed as a fusion.<br>
<B>suricattus</B> dressed as a bear.<br>
<B>tednaifeh</B> dressed as someone who just poked themselves in the eye.<br>
<B>tightropegirl</B> dressed as a elk.<br>
<B>tk0667</B> dressed as a character from Harry Potter and the Cauldron of Miami.<br>
<B>tree220</B> dressed as a outfielder for the Expos.<br>
<B>trolliedoo</B> dressed as Optimus Prime.<br>
<B>wenchamok</B> dressed as a leather widow.<br>
<B>whitemunin</B> dressed as the Duke of Holt.<br>


</lj-raw><br>Throw your own party at the <a href="">Hallomeme</a>!<br><font size="1px">Created with <a href="">phpNonsense</a></font>

Tags: halloween, meme

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