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Trolling for Beta Readers

I finally, finally finished the draft of "Lord Bai and the Magic Pirate" I've owed to a certain kind editor for longer than I care to think about it. I'm late. She may no longer want the story. It may not meet her specs. (It's a little long.) But it's done, except for the mad twitching that always happens in the first 48 hours after I think I've finished a draft.
As usual, I'm looking for a few victims--er, volunteers to give me their thoughts before I send this baby out into the cold cruel world. *user beams hopeful puppy eyes at the crowd*
To help you make up your mind, LB & the MP, is a comic fantasy set in Nanjing in the early Ming Dynasty. It's a little under 11,000 words long. There's no romance, though Bai does manage to accost at least one well-paid courtesan, a shape-changing fox, several large dogs, and a lot of people who really ought to know better.
Just let me know.
Cheers and relieved smiles,
Tags: beta reading, lord bai

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