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My Schedule for Capclave 2021

Finally, I’m going to a real, live convention this weekend (October 1-3)! Capclave 2021 will be the first in-person con I’ve participated in since…well, since Capclave 2019. But the wait will totally be worth it, because this year’s Capclave will be two conventions in one. Not only does the con boast Guest of Honor Peter S. Beagle, but it will also be hosting Eric Flint and the 2021 Ring of Fire Con.
You just can’t go wrong with that. Check it out at the Rockville Hilton and Executive Center in Rockville, Maryland. For a taste, check out my panels:

5 PM: Reading (Monroe Meeting Room)
Yes, there will be chocolate, a soupcon of Dionysus, and possibly the opening of the story where I bellow “Struuuuudel!” at random intervals. Join us and find out!

5 PM: What I Did to Survive the Great Pandemic (Washington Theater)
Participants: Mary Fan, Natalie Luhrs, Suzanne Palmer, Jean Marie Ward, Ted Weber (Moderator)
What did people do to survive the pandemic? What changed in their lives? How are they adjusting to getting their lives back? How comfortable are you with post-pandemic conditions? What does normal mean? How will your life be different? When will you give up your mask?

7 PM: How Do I Use History Without a Ph.D. in It? (Eisenhower Meeting Room)
Participants: Tom Doyle, Eric Flint, Alan Smale (M), Jean Marie Ward, Ted Weber
Okay, Harry Turtledove and Arkady Martine have advanced degrees in history. What can other authors do to get historical information? What are the best and most reliable sources? Should writers do all their research before outlining or just leave blanks to research later? Which sources are best for inspiring ideas, and which are helpful inwriting? How do you identify biased sources, and can you still use them? What if your sources conflict? How much history do you put in your novel?

Noon: Magic’s Price (Truman Meeting Room)
Participants: Donald S. Crankshaw (M), Carolyn Ives Gilman, Karlo Yeager Rodriguez, Jean Marie Ward
In many stories there is a cost to doing magic. What are the costs of doing magic: physical, mental, societal, or other? When are the gains worth the price, and when is this in question? What books show this well?

1 PM: Twice Upon a Time—Revisiting Classic Tales (Washington Theater)
Participants: Leah Cypess, Mark Huston, Jean Marie Ward (M), A.C. Wise
Disney was not the first to redo fairy tales. As part of an oral tradition, they were never static but were altered by every storyteller. Re-tellers have remixed archetypes and traditional elements down to the present day. So how can writers give new life to these old stories? And given that everyone knows how the original stories went, what can authors do to make their version stand out?

If you like what you read, check out the Capclave website <> for more program goodness and join us at the Rockville Hilton, Friday through Sunday, October 1-3. Looking forward to seeing you there!
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